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I love being a mama! I love it! [May. 14th, 2012|10:19 pm]
Mother's Day was so much fun! Dan surprised me with breakfast in bed and he even made me coffee in the French Press. It was a surprise that he was even awake!

Then after church we went to La Madeleine (one of my favorite restaurants!). It was really crowded but still really enjoyable. The best time to go is on a cold rainy weekday for lunch when the have the fireplace going and there aren't too many people there. It's so cozy.

After lunch we all went back to my mom's house and bounced on the trampoline and then chained every little ride on toy we could find to the back of the tractor and rode around the yard on them like a crazy redneck circus. 3 of my brothers, 25, 18 and 5, my sister in law, Dan, Charlotte and my mother's little dog that is. It was a blast. Then we ordered pizza (I've eaten way too much pizza this weekend) and all told funny stories of my grandparents.

Speaking of my grandparents... um first let say I am currently obsessed with France. Now let me say that I happened to remember that my dad was born in France as my grandfather was in the US Army and stationed there for 3 or 4 years in the 60s. So I talked to my Nana today and asked her what they did over there during those years... Did they drink coffee in little cafes? Did they see fields of lavender and beautiful vineyards? Did they spend much time in Paris? Did they see the Eiffel tower?

No. No they did not.

My grandmother said as soon as they got off the plane in Paris, that it smelled terrible and was dirty and people were chucking dirty wash-water out into the street. She said that as soon as you opened your mouth and the French people realized you were an American that they were mean and charged you double for whatever they were selling. SO. For over 3 years, they lived LESS THAN AN HOUR (dies) outside of Paris and just stayed on the military base in Fontainebleau hanging out with other Americans, probably eating porkin' beans and macaroni and cheese. Oh. And my grandmother mentioned she also had gallbladder surgery while she was there. Oh and also gave birth to my dad (which is significant, granted!).

I would love 3 days in France. 3 hours in France! And my grandmother had 3 years and didn't enjoy it at all. Can we truly be related??

In other news, Charlotte is talking up a storm and she's SO cute.
If I sneeze she says "Byess you, Mama!"
If I'm lighting a candle: "Careful, Mama!"
If she needs to get past me "Scooze me, honey"
If she's eating soup: "Soup! I lub soup! I lub it!"
If she sees any strange looking men "Scare! Papas comin' giss you!"
If I tell her Daddy is at work "Daddy! Workin! Money! Piggy!"
If she wants me to hold her "Hold you baby" and she asks for kisses and "suggles"
And if I ask her who's in charge she says "Daddy! Mommy!" and then I ask "And what is Charlotte's job?" and she says "Uh-baaay" (obey)
And she also exclaims "oh my!" if she's surprised at something and is constantly saying things are "Pity!" (pretty) or "Coot!" (cute)

Such a girl, right?

Oh and if I want to change her clothes or her diaper for that matter, sometimes she will say "No, I keepin' it" or "I leebin!" (leaving) and run away ;)

I'm only on the laptop right now or I would have an arsenal of pictures at my disposal but here is one that Dan's dad sent me the other day:


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After lunch we all went back to my mom's house and bounced on the trampoline and then chained every
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