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10 weeks and 3 days [Mar. 18th, 2010|12:13 pm]
I thought I would be happily updating about this pregnancy every few days but with the lack of happy there has been a lack of updating.

I'm feeling better in some ways. I don't feel constantly miserable and depressed as before but more of a roller coaster. I'm happier sometimes and don't feel quite so ill ALL the time but my lows are still very low. I also have a cold :/ So lots of coughing, lots of crying, light nausea and bloating is how this week has been. BUT, the weather has been beautiful and I'm thoroughly enjoying having all the windows open and smelling the fresh outdoors rather than stuffy inside smells. I've been a crazy person with the Lysol and Febreeze. I hate smelling food. Even the moments leading up to eating something that I'm in the mood to eat I don't especially like to smell it. Cold cereal is nice :)

I surprisingly do not miss our cat anymore. I had a bad dream the other night of being attacked by a cat and I feel oddly colder to them somehow now. I certainly grieved the loss of our cat but now I'm just anxious to get rid of every bit of cat hair and looking forward to new carpet.

Once my cold is gone and all of the nausea has dissipated and I'm feeling better I want to concentrate on being more active. Nothing heavy just lots of walking and swimming and in general being more alive.